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Xylomic Technical Platform: Tree genomics and phenotyping


XYLOMIC is one of the six technical platforms of the XYLOFOREST project, funded by national investment for the future EquipEx. With the aim for genetic improvement, this platform specializes in the genetic and phenotypic characterization of wood. 

Using state-of-the-art technological tools, geneticists try to understand the environmental and genetic determinants of wood variability, as well as the biological and ecological processes involved in its development. Thus, XYLOMIC is dedicated to the genomic study of trees and the detailed study of measurable wood characteristics, therefore covering the characteristics specific to wood, from DNA to phenotype. This is to identify efficient genotypes for forestry, based on a program for long-term improvement. The goal for 2020 is to deliver sizeable databases of sequences, genotypes and phenotypes, in order to better understand wood formation depending on the environment, its variability within populations as well as identifying DNA markers linked to outstanding characteristics.