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Xylomic Technical Platform: Tree genomics and phenotyping

Genomics : Genome-Transcriptome

Genome-Transcriptome platform, located in INRA at Pierroton: automated DNA extraction, robotic chain, high throughput genotyping, new generation sequencing, bioinformatics,...

The vocation of the Genome Transcriptome platform is to meet the needs of research teams in Aquitaine and beyond (public and private) in terms of sequencing, genotyping and TILLING. The platform develops and offers high throughput emerging technologies based on DNA sequencing, search for mutations, and genotyping (microsatellites and SPNs). It responds to user requests involved in the fields of agriculture, veterinary and human, and is actively involved in different priority projects of the Aquitaine region. Certified ISO9001: 2008 since february 2012, it implements a quality approach aiming for continuous improvement of its functioning to create consistently superior response to user requests while being faithful to its original vocation.

Download presentation of this component (in French only) (Xyloforest touring July 2013)
pdfAnalyses génomiques - Plateforme Génome Transcriptome
Bordeaux Genome Transcriptome Platform website